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Research article2005Peer reviewed

Effects of scarification and mulch on establishment and growth of six different clones of Picea abies

Johansson K, Soderbergh I, Nilsson U, Allen HL


The effects of mulch and scarification on the establishment and growth of six clones of Norway spruce [ Picea abies ( L.) Karst.] were examined in a study in southern Sweden. Mulch and scarification reduced the amount of competing vegetation and tended to improve soil moisture and soil temperature. Budbreak occurred earlier for cuttings planted in the scarification treatment in comparison with the control and mulching treatment. Scarification increased survival and the combination of scarification and mulch resulted in the best growth. Gas exchange and the number of new roots were higher in planting spots covered with mulch. Clonal differences regarding gas exchange and growth were significant. Clones with a poor height growth also had a low gas exchange and a small number of new roots. In contrast, the clone with the best height growth had high gas exchange and a large number of new roots. Clonal effects on growth were greater than site preparation effects


Norway spruce; photosynthesis; regeneration; root growth; rooted cuttings; stomatal conductance

Published in

Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research
2005, Volume: 20, number: 5, pages: 421-430