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Research article2014Peer reviewedOpen access

Factors Influencing the Choice of Management Strategy among Small-Scale Private Forest Owners in Sweden

Eggers, Jeannette; Lämås, Tomas; Lind, Torgny; Öhman, Karin


Half of the productive forest area in Sweden is owned by small-scale private forest owners. However, there is a lack of comprehensive information that would allow categorizing small-scale private forest owners according to their management strategy. In this study, we surveyed small-scale private forest owners in Sweden to determine the proportions who applied various management strategies. We analyzed the results using chi-square tests to identify the most relevant factors affecting the management strategy choices of individual forest owners. We found that. soft. factors, such as the importance of income from the forest, membership in a forest owners' association, certification and an interest in and knowledge of forestry issues, had a stronger impact on the choice of management strategy than most. hard. factors related to the owner or the property, such as gender and distance between the owner's residence and the property. However, property size was the most important factor and was associated with the importance of income derived from the forest and several other soft factors.


forest management strategy; non-industrial private forest owners; chi-square test; multinomial regression

Published in

2014, Volume: 5, number: 7, pages: 1695-1716 Publisher: MDPI AG