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Behaviour of Perch

Semeniuk, C. A. D.; Magnhagen, Carin; Pyle, Gregory


Perca spp. are an ecologically signifi cant component of many North American and European freshwater food webs. Their success can be attributed to the array of diverse behaviours they exhibit that make them well adapted to the lakes, ponds, creeks and rivers—both native and non-native—they inhabit. The differences in behaviour observed among conspecifi c populations refl ect interacting drivers, both biotic and abiotic, that shape the adaptive behaviours of perch: genetic differentiation due to selection, the competitive environment, predation pressure, life history change, and habitat complexity. Resultantly, perch habitat-selection movements, competitive abilities, antipredator strategies, predation impacts, social behaviours and behavioural phenotypes can drive, in turn, ecosystemlevel dynamics. This chapter explores the behaviour of perch and their impacts, and urges the continuation of research into the behavioural responses of perch to human-induced, rapid environmental change since such discoveries will advance both fundamental research, in addition to enhancing its applied value.

Published in

Title: Biology of Perch
ISBN: 9781498730327
Publisher: CRC Press