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Research article2015Peer reviewed

Measuring Transaction Costs for Pastoralists in Multiple Land Use Situations: Reindeer Husbandry in Northern Sweden

Andersson, Mats; Sandström, Camilla; Bostedt, Kjell Göran; Widmark, Camilla


Analysis of transaction costs in multiple land use situations is helpful in policymaking and land use management, especially in natural resource management situations where interdependence prevails. By using reindeer herding–forestry land use management as an example, the aim of this study is to analyze transaction costs among stakeholders in a comanagement situation. The results demonstrate that a key variable driving transaction costs is the presence of a “land use plan for reindeer husbandry,” which is an interesting paradox as reindeer herders pursue the development of these land use plans even though this drives their transaction costs.(JEL D7, Q23)

Published in

Land Economics
2015, Volume: 91, number: 4, pages: 704-722