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Research article2015Peer reviewedOpen access

Behavioral Modelling in a Decision Support System

Rinaldi, Francesca; Jonsson, Ragnar; Sallnäs, Ola; Trubins, Renats


Considering the variety of attitudes, objectives and behaviors characterizing forest owners is crucial for accurately assessing the impact of policy and market drivers on forest resources. A serious shortcoming of existing pan-European Decision Support Systems (DSS) is that they do not account for such heterogeneity, consequently disregarding the effects that this might have on timber supply and forest development. Linking a behavioral harvesting decision model-Expected Value Asymmetries (EVA)-to a forest resource dynamics model-European Forestry Dynamics Model (EFDM)-we provide an example of how forest owner specific characterization can be integrated in a DSS. The simulation results indicate that the approach holds promise as regards accounting for forest owner behavior in simulations of forest resources development. Hence, forest owner heterogeneity makes the distribution of forestland on owner types non-trivial, as it affects harvesting intensity and, subsequently, inter-temporal forest development.


forest owner; forest development; timber supply; DSS

Published in

2015, Volume: 6, number: 2, pages: 311-327
Publisher: MDPI AG