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Research article2015Peer reviewedOpen access

Miscellaneous reports of lichenicolous fungi from Argentina including the new species Didymellopsis nephromatis

Zhurbenko, M.P.; Etayo, Javier; Fedrowitz, Katja; Thor, Göran


Two lichenicolous fungi are newly reported from Argentina: Myxophora leptogiophila (on Leptogium sp.) and Nectriopsis lecanodes (on Peltigera sp.). Didymellopsis nephromatis, found growing on Nephroma cellulosum, is described as new to science. A list of 60 lichenicolous fungi formerly known from the country is provided.


lichen parasites, cyanolichens, South America

Published in

Opuscula Philolichenum
2015, Volume: 14, pages: 82-89