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The Analysis Portal and the Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure for biodiversity research

Leidenberger, Sonja; Kack, Martin; Karlsson, Bjorn; Kindvall, Oskar


BackgroundDuring the last years, more and more online portals were generated and are now available for ecologists to run advanced models with extensive data sets. Some examples are the Biodiversity Virtual e-Laboratory (BioVel) Portal ( for ecological niche modelling and the Mobyle SNAP Workbench ( for evolutionary and population genetics analysis. Such portals have the main goal to facilitate the run of advanced models, through access to large-capacity computers or servers. In this study, we present the Analysis Portal (, which is a part of the Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure for biodiversity research that combines a variety of Swedish web services to perform different kinds of dataprocessing.New informationFor the first time, the Swedish Analysis Portal for integrated analysis of species occurrence data is described in detail. It was launched in 2013 and today, over 60 Million Swedish species observation records can be assessed, visualized and analyzed via the portal. Datasets can be assembled using sophisticated filtering tools, and combined with environmental and climatic data from a wide range of providers. Different validation tools, for example the official Swedish taxon concept database Dyntaxa, ensure high data quality. Results can be downloaded in different formats as maps, tables, diagrams and reports.


Analysis Portal; biodiversity informatics; e-infrastructure; e-sciences; Swedish LifeWatch; web services

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Biodiversity data journal
2016, Volym: 4, artikelnummer: e7644

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