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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2019

Breed does not affect the association between murmur intensity and disease severity in dogs with pulmonic or subaortic stenosis

Rishniw, M.; Caivano, D.; Dickson, D.; Swift, S.; Rouben, C.; Dennis, S.; Sammarco, C.; Lustgarten, J.; Ljungvall, I.


Objectives To determine whether breed affects the ability of murmur intensity to predict the severity of stenosis in dogs with pulmonic stenosis or subaortic stenosis. Materials and Methods Retrospective multi-investigator study of dogs with pulmonic stenosis or subaortic stenosis. Murmur intensity, assessed by a four-level classification scheme, was compared with echocardiographically-determined pressure gradient across the affected valve. Breeds represented by at least 10 dogs at any murmur intensity were compared to determine the effect, if any, of breed. Results A total of 1088 dogs (520 with pulmonic stenosis and 568 with subaortic stenosis, representing 106 breeds and the mixed breed group) were included; 208 dogs had soft, 210 had moderate, 283 had loud and 387 had palpable murmurs. Fifteen breeds were represented by at least 10 dogs: five breeds with at least 10 dogs had soft murmurs (132 dogs), nine breeds had moderate murmurs (149 dogs), 10 breeds had loud murmurs (188 dogs), and 11 breeds had palpable murmurs (286 dogs). No breeds differed in stenosis severity from any other breeds within any murmur grade. Post hoc power calculations suggested that we would have been able to detect at least a moderate or large effect size, had one existed. Several dogs with soft murmurs had more-than-mild disease severity. Clinical Significance Despite anecdotally perceived differences in the detection of heart murmurs between breeds, which have been proposed to potentially affect the interpretation of stenosis severity, we found no obvious breed effect in the ability to predict severity of stenosis.

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Journal of Small Animal Practice
2019, Volym: 60, nummer: 8, sidor: 493-498
Utgivare: WILEY

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    Clinical Science

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