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Research article2019Peer reviewedOpen access

Effect of dietary replacement of fishmeal with spent brewer’s yeast on growth performance of Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer) in Cambodian coastal aquaculture.

Sen, Sorphea; Lundh, Torbjörn; Lindberg, Jan Erik; Da, Chau Thi; Barnes, Andrew C; Kiessling, Anders


Coastal Asian seabass farming is an emerging industry in Cambodia, but most farmers depend upon trash fish to feed seabass due to the high cost of formulated diets, with inherent biosecurity and sustainability problems. Use of locally sourced, low-cost ingredients would overcome the major cost obstacle to integration of dry, formulated diets into Cambodian seabass aquaculture. We conducted two feed trials, one in tanks and one in hapas, to evaluate replacement of fishmeal in dry formulated diets with spent yeast sourced from a local brewery. Replacement of fishmeal with dry brewer’s yeast at 0%, 20%, 37% and 47% did not significantly affect performance in terms of growth and feed conversion in either culture system. Brewer’s yeast can thus be an affordable, locally sourced replacement for fishmeal in formulated diets for farmed seabass in Cambodia.


ß-glucans, fish, immune system, sustainability

Published in

Livestock Research For Rural Development
2019, Volume: 31, number: 9, article number: 131