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Normal values for the scrotal circumference in rams of Gotlandic breed

Soderquist L, Hulten F


Selection of fertile sires is crucial for profitable lamb production. Males with larger testes tend to sire daughters that reach puberty at an earlier age and ovulate more ova during each oestrus period. Measurement of the scrotal circumference (SC) is thus an essential part of the breeding soundness evaluation. Testicular size varies with breed, age and time of the year. No SC values or recommendations for minimal values have been established in any of the Scandinavian domestic sheep breeds. Data were recorded of the SC, age and weight in 245 ram lambs and 27 mature rams of the Gotlandic breed, which is the breed that constitutes about 50% of the Swedish sheep population. For the ram lambs, the overall mean SC was 28.9 (+/- 1.9) cm at an average age of 170 (+/- 9) days and mean weight of 53.5 (+/- 7.0) kg, and the mean SC varied between 27.1 and 29.6 cm depending on age and weight. For mature rams (17-54 month old), the mean SC was 32.4(+/- 2) cm. To provide a practical tool for exclusion of rams with sub-optimal reproductive capacity (abnormal testes or those with small testes because of delayed puberty) a threshold value was established based on the average SC minus 2 SD. The calculated minimal SC is 26 cm for ram lambs > 5.5 months of age with a body weight of > 50 kg. For mature rams, minimum SC is 28 cm regardless of weight and age

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Reproduction in Domestic Animals
2006, Volym: 41, nummer: 1, sidor: 61-62 Utgivare: BLACKWELL PUBLISHING

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