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Exosome-mediated uptake of mast cell tryptase into the nucleus of melanoma cells: a novel axis for regulating tumor cell proliferation and gene expression

Melo, Fabio Rabelo; Martin, Sebastin Santosh; Sommerhoff, Christian P.; Pejler, Gunnar


It is well established that mast cell accumulation accompanies most malignancies. However, the knowledge of how mast cells functionally impact on tumors is still rudimentary. Here we addressed this issue and show that mast cells have anti-proliferative activity on melanoma cells and that this effect is dependent on tryptase, a tetrameric protease stored in mast cell granules. Mechanistically, tryptase was found to be endocytosed by melanoma cells as cargo of DNA-coated exosomes released from melanoma cells, followed by transport to the nucleus. In the nucleus, tryptase executed clipping of histone 3 and degradation of Lamin B1, accompanied by extensive nuclear remodeling. Moreover, tryptase degraded hnRNP A2/B1, a protein involved in mRNA stabilization and interaction with non-coding RNAs. This was followed by downregulated expression of the oncogene EGR1 and of multiple non-coding RNAs, including oncogenic species. Altogether, these findings establish a new principle for regulation of tumor cell proliferation.

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Cell death and disease
2019, Volym: 10, artikelnummer: 659

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