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Metabolic performance of anaerobic digestion of chicken manure under wet, high solid, and dry conditions

Bi, Shaojie; Westerholm, Maria; Qiao, Wei; Xiong, Linpeng; Mahdy, Ahmed; Yin, Dongmin; Song, Yunlong; Dong, Renjie


The anaerobic digestion (AD) of chicken manure as a solo substrate has been challenging due to the ammonium inhibition effects when adopting a high organic loading rate (OLR). In this study, through increasing both the total solid in the feeding materials from 5% to 20%, and the OLR from 1.7 to 7.1 g-volatile solids (VS)/(L.d), the AD of chicken manure under wet, high solid, and dry conditions, with a fixed hydraulic retention time of 20 days, was investigated. The results obtained indicated that the wet AD system could achieve a methane yield of 0.28 L/g-VS and a low volatile fatty acid level. However, the process deteriorated under dry conditions, and methane formed mainly through acetate oxidation and methanogenesis. Methanosarcina and Methanoplasma were found to be more tolerant But, whether the dry AD of chicken manure can survive an ammonia-stressed environment when the OLR is lowered, still needs investigation.


Anaerobic digestion; Chicken manure; Microbial community; Methanogenic pathway; Organic loading rate

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Bioresource Technology
2020, Volym: 296, artikelnummer: 122342

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