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A new ultrasound technique to evaluate the soundness of bovine stifle joints in beef bulls.

Hansson, Kerstin; Ekman, Stina; Båge, Renee; Persson, Ylva; Häggblom, Lotta


In beef bulls, a common cause of lameness is osteochondrosis with lateral trochlear ridge of distal femur as predilection site. The aim of the study was to investigate the possibility of using a basic portable ultrasound equipment in stifle examinations of bulls in order to potentially add the protocol to bull breeding soundness evaluation for field conditions.


beef bulls; osteochondrosis; stifle joints; lateral trochlear ridge of distal femur; breeding soundness; ultrasound

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EVDI (European Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging), 21 - 24 August, Basel, Switzerland.