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Conference paper2006Peer reviewed

Evaluation of the influence of dietary fat content and fatty acid composition in four diets based on different fat sources on loins (M. Longissimus dorsi) of newborn piglets

Panella N, Neil Maria, Pickova Jana


The aim of this study was to explore if a change in dietary fatty acid content in sow feed had impact on the loin ((M. Longissimus dorsi) fatty acid (FA) composition of newborn piglets. Four cereal based diets were used: a conventional low fat (3%) sow diet (LF) and three high fat (6%) diets: Saturated diet (HFSat), Omega-6 diet (40 % high fat oats, HFn-6) and Omega-3 diet (20 % high fat oats and Linseed oil, HFn-3). Loins from newborn piglets (four per treatment) coming from 39 selected litters (mean parity=3.9) were used to analyse FA composition in triacylglyceroles (Tg) and phospholipids (Pl) fractions by GC. Statistical analysis was performed using proc GLM procedure of SAS system v.8.02. Both Tg and Pl fractions presented significant changes among treatments. In Tg fraction, HFn-3 group showed a higher C18:3 n-3 content (p<0.001) than the other groups, and the same results were found for C20:5 n-3 (p<0.001), C22:5 n-3 (p<0.001) and C22:6 n-3. Similarly, in Pl fraction, HFn-3 diet showed a higher content of n-3 (p<0.001) and a lower n-6/n-3 ratio (p<0.01) than the other diets. The results indicated than loins from newborn piglets were affected by sow diet

Published in

Title: EAAP Proceedings


57th EAAP Annual Meeting