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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2020

Long-term retention of alizarin red S marks and coded wire tags in European eels

Simon, Janek; Wickstrom, Hakan


Durable marking of fish is an important prerequisite in many fish-ecological studies. In the course of a mark-recapture experiment with small European eels stocked in lakes, marking success rates above 95% were observed for coded wire tags and for alizarin red S marks 1-14 years after stocking. Both marking methods are therefore considered suitable for lifelong marking and tagging of eels, and application in long-term mark-recapture experiments.


Anguilla anguilla; Mark-recapture; Farm eels; Glass eels; Lifelong; Stocking

Publicerad i

Fisheries Research
2020, Volym: 224, artikelnummer: 105453
Utgivare: ELSEVIER