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Type of starter culture influences on structural and sensorial properties of low protein fermented gels

Priyashantha, Hasitha; Perez Quintans, Alfonso; Baixauli, Raquel; Vidanarachchi, Janak K.


Organoleptic properties of skimmed milk fermented gels are progressively demanding to produce optimal quality yogurts. Chr-Hansen trademark registered cultures were used to produce low-protein (3.4%) gels to assess the ability to redesign the sensorial and textural properties with the choice of starter culture. Resulting gels were assessed for sensorial, textural, rheological, and microstructural properties and compared with a commercial control (4.5% protein). Mouth thickness, syneresis, firmness, elasticity, and consistency values were lower for polysaccharides-producing cultures. Such cultures contributed to the higher creaminess and tended to give higher ropiness. Observed differences among microstructures of the gel were minute. Microstructural and rheological data corresponded and reflected the instrumental and sensory interpretations. Strong correlations were observed between sensory and instrumental data. Nonprobiotics cultures resulted in promising overall gel properties compared with probiotic cultures according to the principal component analysis. Yet probiotic cultures resulted in lower syneresis than nonprobiotic cultures. Thus, the choice of bacterial culture modifies the sensorial and textural properties of fermented gel with strong correlations, as a result of altered gel network formation with the production of polysaccharides. Inferior textural and sensorial quality aspects, particularly at low protein levels, have negative impact on consumer demand of low protein yogurts. Thus, we attempted to gain required gel textural and sensorial properties with a choice of starter culture with a low protein level. Resulting gel properties at lowered protein content with different starter cultures are not fully known. The present study compares the effect of probiotic and nonprobiotic starter cultures on gel properties, as gel texture and sensory properties are of great interest and thus not willing to be compromised. In addition, we examined the overall texture profile of studied cultures and correlate with sensory properties. Therefore, reducing protein level in milk and achieving required gel properties with the choice of appropriate starter culture is of great commercial interest as a cost-cutting strategy to produce low-cost optimum quality yogurt.


fermented gel; polysaccharides; sensory; starter cultures; texture

Published in

Journal of Texture Studies
2019, Volume: 50, number: 6, pages: 482-492
Publisher: WILEY

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    Food Science

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