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Research article2020Peer reviewedOpen access

Effect of season on bovine seminal plasma proteins in Thailand

Lima Verde, Isabel; Nongbua, Thanapol; Karkehabadi, Saeid; Johannisson, Anders; Morrell, Jane


Although season has been shown to affect bull sperm quality and fertility in some studies, the effect of season on seminal plasma proteins has not been examined. In the present study, seminal plasma proteins were analysed by Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC), to separate the phosphorylcholine-binding proteins and heparin-binding proteins from the other proteins. Semen samples were collected from bulls in three seasons: winter, summer and the rainy season. Sperm quality was analysed by flow cytometry and computer assisted sperm analysis, and further aliquots of semen were used to prepare the seminal plasma for FPLC. Meteorological data were available from a location close to the bull station. There were slight differences in sperm kinematics between seasons, but other parameters of sperm quality were not different. Minor differences in the phosphorylcholine-binding proteins were detected according to season, being lower in summer than in winter or in the rainy season, although there were no changes in the heparin-binding proteins. Temperature, humidity and rainfall differed between winter and the rainy season, but no differences were observed between summer and the rainy season except in the temperature humidity index (THI). However, the THI was above the threshold indicative of heat stress in all seasons, which could explain why few seasonal differences in protein composition were detected in this study. Alternatively, the bulls could have been well-adapted to heat stress. In conclusion, there were only slight differences in bull sperm quality and seminal plasma proteins between seasons during this study.


Heat stress; Heparin-binding proteins; Phosphorylcholine-binding proteins; Sperm kinematics; THI

Published in

Journal of Thermal Biology
2020, Volume: 90, article number: 102576