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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2014

Screening of cucumber varieties against downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora cubensis) and its chemical management

Waris, Muhammad; ul Haq, Imran; Khan, Sajid A.; Ahmad, Farooq; Iqbal, Mudassir; Shoaib, Muhammad; Ullah, Zia


Cucumber is the most important vegetable that is being affected by many biotic and abiotic factors, but the downy mildew is most fatal. Seven cucumber varieties were screened for resistance against downy mildew and five fungicides were evaluated for their efficacy to control the disease. Disease severity data was recorded according to Jenkins-Wehner scale. The statistical analysis of data was done by using Fisher’s technique, analysis of variance and least significant difference test (LSD) evaluated for comparing of means of different treatments at 5% probability level. The result of the present study suggested that “Super green special” variety was graded 3 and other varieties Beithoalfa, Marketmore-76, Cucumber 363, Anmol , Marketmore and Desi graded 6,6,6,7,7and 8 respectively against the downy mildew. Among different fungicide only the “Moral” (Azoxystrobin) fungicide presented the effective control of disease followed by Agrohut (Mancozeb +Dimetamorph), Acute (Azoxystrobin), Antracol (propineb) and Cabriotop (metiram + pyraclostrobin). The present study will be effective in order to manage the downy mildew disease of cucumber.

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Pakistan Journal of Phytopathology
2014, Volym: 26, nummer: 01, sidor: 21-24

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    Agricultural Science

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