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A guide to using wet area maps in forestry

Ring, Eva; Ågren, Anneli; Bergkvist, Isabelle; Finér, Leena; Johansson, Fredrik; Högbom, Lars


Wet area maps indicate the location of wet areas adjacent to streams and lakes. Soil wetness is modelled primarily using topographic data. Different models result in maps that differ in accuracy, but they all include a much larger proportion of the watercourses than conventional maps, in particular smaller streams with adjacent wet areas. This guide illustrates how wet area maps can be used for practical forestry in the Baltic Sea region to improve environmental planning. This guide is intended for forestry planners, contractors, machine operators, private forest owners, and forestry and authority employees.

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Arbetsrapport / Skogforsk
2020, nummer: 1051-2020
Utgivare: Skogforsk