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Rapport2020Vetenskapligt granskad

Risk assessment of the biological control product Atheta-System with the organism Atheta coriaria Kraatz

Stenberg, Johan A; Stenberg, Johan A.; Nielsen, Anders; Wendell , Micael; Alsanius, Beatrix; Krokene, Paal; Magnusson, Christer; Nicolaisen, Mogens; Thomsen, Iben M.; Wright, Sandra A.I.; Rafoss, Trond


Atheta-System with the rove beetle Atheta coriaria (Kraatz 1856) as the active organism is sought to be used as a biocontrol agent for augmentation biological control in Norway. Atheta-System is intended for use against soil dwelling stages of fungus gnats (e.g. Bradysia paupera), shore flies (Scatella stagnalis), and thrips (e.g. Frankliniella occidentallis) in greenhouses, plastic tunnels, and other closed or controlled climate cultivations of horticultural crops, incl. soft-fruit crops, vegetables, ornamentals, and kitchen herbs.


VKM; risk assessment; Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment; Norwegian Food Safety Authority; biological control; rove beetle

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Report from the Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM)
2020, nummer: 2020:12eISBN: 978-82-8259-351-9
Utgivare: Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM)