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Who is the public and where is participation in participatory GIS and public participation GIS

Sandström, Stefan; Sandström, Per; Nikula, Ari


In this chapter, the meaning of the broadly used terms ‘public’ and ‘participation’ are discussed in conjunction with how these terms relate to public mapping based on GIS methods. This chapter probes the appropriate level of participation that is sought, as this is crucial for the quality of the spatial data collected and is thereby a prerequisite for successfully incorporating public knowledge into a planning process. The terms PGIS and PPGIS are defined and the differences and similarities between these methods are discussed. We also explore, drawing from three examples of public mapping of ILK in northern Sweden, what particular data and planning results are desirable and what the best participation method is to achieve these goals. Finally, we elaborate on the role of public mapping and the prerequisites of a successful participation process in decision-making.

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Titel: Sharing Knowledge for Land Use Management : Decision-Making and Expertise in Europe’s Northern Periphery
ISBN: 978-1-78990-188-7, eISBN: 978-1-78990-189-4
Utgivare: Edward Elgar Publishing