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Genetic stability of Larix olgensis provenances planted in different sites in northeast China

Zhang, Heng; Zhou, Xueyan; Gu, Wei; Wang, Lidong; Li, Wei; Gao, Yuanke; Wu, Liguo; Guo, Xiaowei; Tigabu, Mulualem; Xia, Dean; Chiang, Vincent L.; Yang, Chuanping; Zhao, Xiyang


Larix olgensis, also known locally as Changbai larch, is one of the most important timber species in northeast China. In order to widely expand the plantation of this species, the genetic stability and adaptability of the provenances must be analyzed through provenance tests. In this study, growth traits and survival rate (SR) of 10 L. olgensis provenances planted in four representative sites were investigated and analyzed. The results of ANOVA and AMMI analyses showed that the environment effect was a predominant source of variation. The average diameter at breast height (DBH) of different provenances at the four sites ranged from 14.65 to 28.51 cm. The stand volume also varied among provenances planted at different sites mainly due to variation in SR and DBH. The phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV), genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) and repeatability (h(P)(2)) for DBH in different sites ranged from 12.47% to 17.79%, from 2.94% to 3.83% and from 0.49 to 0.63, respectively. The correlation analysis showed that there were highly significant positive correlations among DBH, survival rate, and stand volume, and they all not correlated with geoclimatic factors of provenances original sites. However, they were significantly positively correlated with longitude and precipitation of the trial sites. Significant negative correlations were observed between SR and latitude and with equivalent latitude. According to AMMI biplots, four provenances were regarded as the most stable and relatively high-yielding provenances across environments. These provenances could be used as the preferred materials for the establishment of large-scale plantations in the future.


Changbai larch; Genetic variation; Provenance testing; AMMI

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Forest Ecology and Management
2021, Volym: 485, artikelnummer: 118988
Utgivare: ELSEVIER

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