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Activation of the interferon-induced STAT pathway during an adenovirus type 12 infection

Zhao, Hongxing; Boije, Henrik; Granberg, Fredrik; Pettersson, Ulf; Svensson, Catharina


We have previously described a temporal regulation of host cell gene expression during adenovirus type 2 infection (Ad2) of primary human fibroblasts. Among the eleven percent of genes deregulated by Ad2, a large fraction included genes involved in cell cycle, growth control and antiviral defense, consistent with the capacity of Ad2 to efficiently master the infected cell and cause an effectively productive infection. Adenovirus type 12 (Ad]2), which belongs to the highly oncogenic subgroup, is characterised by slow progression, less cytopathic effect and lower virus yield compared to the non-oncogenic Ad2. Microarray analysis of host cell gene expression in Ad2 infected human lung fibroblasts (IMR90) demonstrated a quantitatively and qualitatively less impact on host cell gene expression, compared to Ad2. Of the relatively few genes up regulated during the course of Ad 12 infection only two (5%) were identified as potential E2F targets, compared to the significant activation of E2F-dependent transcription observed during an Ad2 infection. Although approximately 30% of the genes deregulated by Ad 12 were previously identified in Ad2-infected cells, a distinct difference was observed in a group of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs). G1P2, IF16, IFI16, IFIT1, IFIT2, IFITM1 and IRF9 were activated during the very late stage of infection, and a consistent induction of IFN beta gene expression, preceding induction of the ISGs, was demonstrated by quantitative real-time PCR analysis. An activated JAK/STAT signalling pathway was also indicated by the accumulation of all components (STAT1, STAT2 and IRF9) of the ISGF3 transcription factor. Significantly, none of these ISGs was activated in Ad2 infected IMR90 cells. Thus, the inability of Ad12 to evade the interferon response might explain its restricted virulence. (C) 2009 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Adenovirus type 12; cDNA microarray; IMR90 cells; Interferon-stimulated genes (ISG)

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2009, Volym: 392, nummer: 2, sidor: 186-195

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