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Mycorrhizal inoculation and treatment with biochar and compost from pruning waste improve the qualitative properties of a calcareous soil under wheat cultivation

Vahedi, Roghayeh; Rasouli-Sadaghiani, MirHassan; Barin, Mohsen; Vetukuri, Ramesh


Most calcareous soils have relatively low levels of organic matter. To address this issue and improve the qualitative properties of calcareous soils, soils can be treated with mycorrhizal fungi and/or exogenous organic material such as biochar or compost derived from tree pruning waste. To evaluate the effect of pruning waste biochar (PWB) and pruning waste compost (PWC) derived from apple and grape trees combined with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) on the biological indices of calcareous soils, a rhizobox study on wheat plants using a completely randomized design was conducted under greenhouse conditions. The studied factors included the source of the type of organic material applied (PWB, PWC, and control), the nature of the microbial inoculation (inoculation with AMF or no inoculation), and the zone to which the treatments were applied (rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil). At the end of the plant growth period, organic carbon (OC), microbial biomass carbon (MBC), microbial biomass phosphorous (MBP), microbial respiration (BR), substrate-induced respiration (SIR), alkaline (ALP), acid (ACP) phosphatase enzyme activities in the rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils, and root mycorrhizal colonization were determined. Simultaneous application of a source of organic matter and AMF inoculation significantly increased the OC and biological indices of soil relative to those observed when applying organic matter without AMF inoculation. Additionally, MBC, MBP, ACP and ALP - enzymes activities in the rhizosphere zone were significantly higher than in the non-rhizosphere. AMF increased BR and SIR levels in the rhizosphere by 13.06% and 7.95% compared to non-rhizosphere, respectively. It can be concluded that in calcareous soils with low organic carbon contents, organic amendments such as PWC and PWB can improve soil biological properties by increasing microbial activity and changing the properties of the rhizosphere.


pruning waste; biological Indices; rhizosphere; rhizobox

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Utgivare: bioRxiv

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