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Urban life and climate change

Emilsson, Tobias


Urban environments are becoming increasingly important for a majority of the earth's population as urban areas continue to increase in size and population. This chapter describes the general impact of urbanization on the local environment and how the increase in amount of impervious hard surfaced areas, dark colored building materials, and unvegetated areas, can lead to both increasing urban temperatures in the form of urban heat islands as well as increasing surface runoff of urban storm water. Urbanization and climate change is from many aspects working in the same direction reinforcing the effects of one another both in relation to temperatures and stormwater runoff. It is possible to slow down the rate of urbanization but the main focus has been on and mitigation strategies for both the negative effects on climate change and urbanization. Possible mitigation strategies including plans for increasing the area of vegetated surfaces to combat primarily urban temperatures and stormwater runoff are discussed in relation to both physical effects and possible community effects.


Albedo; Urban heat island; Green infrastructure; Evapotranspiration; Street trees; Green roofs; Stormwater run-off; Flooding; Climate change

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Titel: The impacts of climate change : a comprehensive study of physical, biophysical, social, and political issues
ISBN: 978-0-12-822373-4
Utgivare: Elsevier Inc.