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Bokkapitel2021Öppen tillgång

Indigenous Gender Justice with a Focus on Sámi Reindeer Herding in Sweden

Asztalos Morell, Ildikó


This chapter provides an overview of gender research on Sámi reindeer herding in Sweden from the perspective of gender literature on family farms and agricultural transformation. The study focuses on three topics that have been central to the field: property transfer and succession, gendered division of labour and gendered identities. Using the (post)colonial perspective as a point of departure, this chapter highlights Sámi reindeer herders’ experiences at the intersection of (post)colonial and gendered inequalities. It explores how gender and (post)colonial norms and identities are reproduced and challenged and how they constitute and are constituted by structural inequalities. The analysis highlights (post)colonial gender relations as the outcome of ongoing agentic processes.

Publicerad i

Juridica Lapponica
2021, nummer: 48, sidor: 37-72
Titel: Indigenous Peoples and Gender Equality with Special Reference to Sámi Reindeer Herding
ISBN: 978-952-337-254-2
Utgivare: University of Lapland