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Impact of plot size and extended extraction regions of TanDEM-X phase height in relation to forest variables

Huuva, Ivan; Persson, Henrik; Wallerman, Jörgen; Fransson, Johan


When modeling forest variables from InSAR phase height data, phase noise is a nuisance that can be mitigated by spatial averaging. In this empirical study, based on data from a hemi-boreal forest, the relation between field measured forest variables and TanDEM-X phase height and its dependence on the size of the field plots was investigated. Also, the impact of extending the region of phase height extraction beyond the actual plot size was investigated in order to determine the usefulness of this approach when small plot sizes cause significant noise in the estimation of phase height. For fixed field plot sizes (7 m and 10 m radii), the maximum correlation between Lorey's height and phase height occurred for phase height extraction regions multiple times larger in area than the field plots, which were located in homogenous stands.


InSAR; phase height; plot size; TanDEM-X; forest variable estimation; forest management

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Titel: IGARSS 2021 - 2021 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium : proceedings : 12 – 16 July, 2021 Virtual Symposium, Brussels, Belgium
ISBN: 978-1-6654-0369-6
Utgivare: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


IGARSS 2021 Symposium, Remote Sensing for a Dynamic Earth, 11-16 July, Brussels, Belgium