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Anti-attractant activity of (+)-trans-4-thujanol for Eurasian spruce bark beetle Ips typographus: Novel potency for females

Jirosova, Anna; Kalinova, Blanka; Modlinger, Roman; Jakus, Rastislav; Unelius, C. Rikard; Blazenec, Miroslav; Schlyter, Fredrik


BACKGROUND Eurasian spruce bark beetles (Ips typographus) use both attractant and anti-attractant semiochemicals to find suitable mature host trees. Trans-4-thujanol is abundant in young, unsuitable spruce trees. Electrophysiological studies have demonstrated its high activity levels, but field data are lacking. RESULTS Enantioselective GC-MS analysis showed that only (1R,4S)-(+)-trans-4-thujanol was present in Norway spruce bark volatiles. In a factorial design field-trapping experiment, trans-4-thujanol alone was not attractive to Ips typographus. Traps baited with I. typographus' aggregation pheromone and trans-4-thujanol or the known anti-attractant 1,8-cineole caught fewer beetles than those baited with the aggregation pheromone alone. Catches for trans-4-thujanol and 1,8-cineole were dose-dependent. Intermediate doses of trans-4-thujanol and 1,8-cineole had a similar effect. Surprisingly, in contrast to 1,8-cineole and other known Ips anti-attractants, which all inhibit males more strongly than females, the addition of trans-4-thujanol to the aggregation pheromone reduced the attraction of females more. CONCLUSION The Norway spruce volatile (+)-trans-4-thujanol is a novel I. typographus anti-attractant with potency comparable to the known anti-attractants 1,8-cineole and verbenone, and is more effective for females than for males. Incorporating (+)-trans-4-thujanol into anti-attractant lures could improve protection of trees from mass attack by I. typographus.


Coleoptera; Curculionidae; Scolytinae; repellent; (1R; 4S)-(+)-trans-4-thujanol; sabinene hydrate; dose-response; oxygenated terpene; integrated pest management

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Pest Management Science
2022, Volym: 78, nummer: 5, sidor: 1992-1999

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