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The Candidate Chromosomal Regions Responsible for Milk Yield of Cow: A GWAS Meta-Analysis

Taherkhani, Lida; Banabazi, Mohammad Hossein; EmamJomeh-Kashan, Nasser; Noshary, Alireza; Imumorin, Ikhide


Simple Summary Milk production is one of the most important economic traits in dairy cattle. Therefore, determining the genomic regions influencing this trait can improve milk yield. In this study, we collected data from 16 articles associated with milk yield genome-wide association studies (GWAS) on different cattle breeds. Based on the information from the analysis and level of significance (p-value < 2.5 x 10(-6)), we identified different genomic regions on chromosomes with the highest marker density, markers with the highest effect, genes within or near these regions, chromosomes with the greatest effects on milk yield. Milk yield (MY) is highly heritable and an economically important trait in dairy livestock species. To increase power to detect candidate genomic regions for this trait, we carried out a meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies (GWAS). In the present study, we identified 19 studies in PubMed for the meta-analysis. After review of the studies, 16 studies passed the filters for meta-analysis, and the number of chromosomes, detected markers and their positions, number of animals, and p-values were extracted from these studies and recorded. The final data set based on 16 GWAS studies had 353,698 cows and 3950 markers and was analyzed using METAL software. Our findings revealed 1712 significant (p-value < 2.5 x 10(-6)) genomic loci related to MY, with markers associated with MY found on all autosomes and sex chromosomes and the majority of them found on chromosome 14. Furthermore, gene ontology (GO) annotation was used to explore biological functions of the genes associated with MY; therefore, different regions of this chromosome may be suitable as genomic regions for further research into gene expression.


candidate SNPs; dairy cattle; genome-wide association study; meta-analysis; milk yield

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2022, Volym: 12, nummer: 5, artikelnummer: 582
Utgivare: MDPI

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