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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2022

Comparative immunomodulatory effects in mice and in human dendritic cells of five bacterial strains selected for biocontrol of leafy green vegetables

Uhlig, Elisabeth; Elli, Giulia; Nurminen, Noora; Oscarsson, Elin; Canaviri-Paz, Pamela; Burri, Stina; Rohrstock, Anne-Marie; Rahman, Milladur; Alsanius, Beatrix; Molin, Göran; Zeller, Kathrin Stephanie; Håkansson, Åsa


The market for ready-to eat vegetables is increasing, but unfortunately so do the numbers of food-borne illness outbreaks related to these products. A previous study has identified bacterial strains suitable for biocontrol of leafy green vegetables to reduce the exposure to pathogens in these products. As a tentative safety evaluation, five selected strains (Rhodococcus cerastii MR5x, Bacillus coagulans LMG P-32205, Bacillus coagulans LMG P-32206, Pseudomonas cedrina LMG P-32207 and Pseudomonas punonensis LMG P-32204) were individually compared for immunomodulating effects in mice and in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells (MoDCs). Mice receiving the two B. coagulans strains consistently resemble the immunological response of the normal control, and no, or low, cell activation and pro-inflammatory cytokine expression was observed in MoDCs exposed to B. coagulans strains. However, different responses were seen in the two models for the Gram-negative P. cedrina and the Gram-positive R. cerastii. Moreover, P. punonensis and B. coagulans increased the microbiota diversity in mice as seen by the Shannon-Wiener index. In conclusion, the two strains of B. coagulans showed an immunological response that indicate that they lack pathogenic abilities, thus encouraging further safety evaluation and showing great potential to be used as biocontrol agents on leafy green vegetables.

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Food and Chemical Toxicology
2022, Volym: 165, artikelnummer: 113064

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