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Rapport2021Öppen tillgång

Implementation models for bio-based value chains in the South Baltic Region

Prade, Thomas; Newson, William; Huck, Lena; Muneer, Faraz; Svensson, Sven-Erik; Johansson, Eva; Gołąbek, Aleksandra; Behrens, Martin; Cuypers, Beate; Jonson, Carl; Tillborg, Helena; Kjær, Tyge; Mikielewicz, Dariusz


The regulatory, financial and technological difference between countries in the South Baltic Area calls for cross-border initiatives supporting knowledge transfer related to the development of a sustainable bioeconomy. This entails generic models on how to implement green technologies based on case-specific knowledge or operational settings. Such models can be used as a starting point for transposing technologies into new regional, national or international settings in the SBA.

The aim of this report is to introduce four cross-border implementation models within the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors. The models show how bioeconomy concepts developed in the BioBIGG project can be transferred from one SME to another, and likewise from one region to another. The selected concepts have been chosen by the project partners based on conducted pre-feasibility assessments, innovation programs and business cases (for more information visit the BioBIGG homepage:

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Utgivare: BioBIGG