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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

What evidence exists on the effects of public policy interventions for achieving environmentally sustainable food consumption? A systematic map protocol

Macura, Biljana; Ran, Ylva; Persson, U. Martin; Abu Hatab, Assem; Jonell, Malin; Lindahl, Therese; Roos, Elin


Background: The global food system is causing considerable environmental harm. A transition towards more sustainable consumption is needed. Targeted public policy interventions are crucial for stimulating such transition. While there is extensive research about the promotion of more environmentally sustainable food consumption, this knowledge is scattered across different sources. This systematic map aims to collate and describe the available evidence on public policy interventions such as laws, directives, taxes and information campaigns, for achieving sustainable food consumption patterns.Methods: We will search bibliographic databases, specialist websites, Google Scholar and bibliographies of relevant reviews. Searches for academic literature will be performed in English, while searches for grey literature will be performed in English, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. Screening, including consistency checking exercises, will be done at two levels: title and abstract, and full text. We will use machine learning algorithms to support screening at the title and abstract level. Coding and meta-data extraction will include bibliographic information, policy details and context, and measured environmental outcome(s). The evidence base will be summarised narratively using tables and graphs and presented as an online interactive searchable database and a website that will allow for visualisation, filtering and exploring systematic map findings, knowledge gaps and clusters.


Biodiversity loss; Climate change; Environmental impacts; Greenhouse gas emissions; Public policy; Sustainable consumption; Sustainable diets

Published in

Environmental Evidence
2022, Volume: 11, number: 1, article number: 17
Publisher: BMC

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