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The continuation of dwelling: safety as a situated effect of multi-actor interactions within extra-care housing in Sweden

Berglund-Snodgrass, Lina; Nord, Catharina


This article examines the space-time situatedness of residing within extra-care housing (ECH) in Sweden. EHC constitutes an example of ordinary housing but is often categorized, along with senior housing, as "in-between housing." What differentiates the extra-care housing from the ordinary is an age limit for moving in, the provision of communal facilities, and the presence of staff at certain times each week. Two housings with different environmental and architectural conditions have been analyzed through spatial analyses, observations, and interviews with residents (n = 18). The article concludes that the two different assemblings enabled two very different possibilities for accessing "safe aging." One offered opportunities for the continuation of identities which contributed to feelings of safety, and one demanded the reconstitution of identities for developing meaning in the new housing.


Safety; extra-care housing; space-time trajectories; architecture; assemblings

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Journal of Housing for the Elderly
2019, Volym: 33, nummer: 2, sidor: 173-188

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