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World Cynipoidea (Hymenoptera): A Key to Higher-Level Groups

Buffington, Matthew L.; Forshage, Mattias; Liljeblad, Johan; Tang, Chang-Ti; van Noort, Simon


While much has been learned regarding the phylogeny and evolution of cynipoid wasps, clearly illustrated diagnostic tools and identification keys have remained stagnant. So too, where keys do exist, they are often to genus or species, and there are no user-friendly keys to groups such as tribes, subfamilies, or families.This state of affairs leaves a knowledge gap for non-specialists and slows future research on the group. To address this, we provide a fully illustrated key to the higher-level groups of world Cynipoidea. We also provide summaries of all higher-level taxa with updated generic lists, biological data, distribution, and literature resources. The dichotomous key presented here is complimented with a multi-entry matrix-based key, created in Lucid, and served on with online versions of the dichotomous keys also available.


gall wasp; Cynipidae; Figitidae; parasitoid; Ibaliidae

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Insect Systematics and Diversity
2020, Volym: 4, nummer: 4

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