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Research article2022Peer reviewedOpen access

Quality parameters of natural phenolics and its impact on physicochemical, microbiological, and sensory quality attributes of probiotic stirred yogurt during the storage

Wijesekara, Anuradha; Weerasingha, Viraj; Jayarathna, Shishanthi; Priyashantha, Hasitha


Physicochemical, microbiological, and organoleptic properties were evaluated for probiotic stirred yogurts with plant pigments; 10% Hibiscus, 4% Turmeric, 6% Spinach, and 4% Blue pea, over 14 days at 4. compared to the colorless control. The color of yogurts were stable without sedimentation or adverse effect on physicochemical or sensory properties, although an increase of L* value observed over the storage. The microbial analysis confirmed the viability of probiotics (>9 logs CFU/mL) in all yogurts over the storage. Turmeric added yogurt resulted in the highest b* value, total phenolic content (72.6 mg GAE/L) and sensory score for color, while spinach added yogurt ranked the lowest in flavor at the end of storage. Results demonstrated the color stability of studied plant pigments in stirred yogurt with varying physicochemical and sensory properties. Addition of natural colorant in yogurt is recommended. Improved methods for extracting pigments and their health effects should be further examined.


Plant pigment; Fermented milk; Color stability; Natural colorant, colored stirred yogurt

Published in

Food Chemistry: X
2022, Volume: 14, article number: 100332
Publisher: ELSEVIER