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Forskningsartikel2022Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Reduced efficacy of biocontrol agents and plant resistance inducers against potato early blight from greenhouse to field

Stridh, Linnea J.; Mostafanezhad, Hadis; Andersen, Christian B.; Odilbekov, Firuz; Grenville-Briggs, Laura; Lankinen, Asa; Liljeroth, Erland


Early blight in potato, caused by Alternaria solani, is mainly controlled by frequent applications of synthetic fungicides. Reducing the use of synthetic fungicides in agriculture is desired to reach an overall sustainable development since the active components can be harmful for humans and for the ecosystem. In integrated pest management, IPM, the idea is to combine various measures, including optimized crop management, crop rotation, use of resistant cultivars, biological control agents (BCAs), plant resistance inducers, and fertilizers, to decrease the dependence on traditional chemical fungicides. In this paper, we present the results from greenhouse and field trials where we evaluated the effect of strategies aimed at reducing our reliance on synthetic fungicides including treatments with biological control agents (BCAs) (Pythium oligandrum, Polygandron (R), and Bacillus subtilis, Serenade (R)) and plant resistance inducers (silicon products HortiStar (R) and Actisil (R)) for early blight in potato. The agents were applied separately or in combination with each other or with synthetic fungicides. In the greenhouse, trials application of these agents resulted in 50-95% reduction of infection by A. solani, but their combination did not generally improve the outcome. However, the effects were much smaller in the hand-sprayed field trials, 20-25% disease reduction and almost disappeared in full-scale field trials where application was done with tractor sprayers. In this article, we discuss possible reasons behind the drop in efficacy from greenhouse trials to full-size field evaluation.


Alternaria solani; Biological control; Biocontrol agents; Plant resistance inducer; Potato disease; Field trials

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Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection