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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2022

Physiochemical and thermal characterisation of faba bean starch

Nilsson, Klara; Sandstrom, Corine; Ozeren, Husamettin Deniz; Vilaplana, Francisco; Hedenqvist, Mikael; Langton, Maud


The structure and physicochemical properties of starch isolated from the cotyledon and hull of faba beans and from wheat (as reference) were examined using 16 different methods. The amylose content in faba bean cotyledon and hull starch was 32% and 36%, respectively, and that in wheat starch was 21%. The faba bean cotyledon and hull starch were structurally alike both displaying C-polymorphic pattern, a similar degree of branching and similar branch chain length distributions. Wheat starch had a significantly greater prevalence of short amylopectin chains (DP < 12) and a higher degree of branching. Granules in both faba bean starches exhibited surface cracks and were more homogenous in size than the smoother wheat starch granules. Gelatinisation temperature was higher for the faba bean starches, likely as an effect of high amylose content and longer starch chains delaying granular swelling. Cotyledon starch produced pastes with the highest viscosities in all rheological measurements, probably owing to larger granules. Higher prevalence of lipids and resistant starch reduced the viscosity values for hull starch. For all starches, viscosity increased at faster heating rates. During the rheological analyses, the samples were exposed to different instruments, heating rates and temperatures ranges, differing from standard rheological procedures, which could help predict how different processing techniques effect the final starch textures.


Amylose; Amylopectin; Degree of polymeristion; Gelatinisation; Rheology; High temperature pasting

Published in

Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization
2022, volume: 16, number: 6, pages: 4470-4485
Publisher: SPRINGER

Authors' information

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Molecular Sciences
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Molecular Sciences
Ozeren, Husamettin Deniz
Royal Institute of Technology
Vilaplana, Francisco
Royal Institute of Technology
Hedenqvist, Mikael
Royal Institute of Technology
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Molecular Sciences

UKÄ Subject classification

Food Science
Food Engineering

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