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The use of telomeric length as authenticity marker in fish and seafood-a new perspective in the detection of adulteration

Xenidis, Vasileios A.; Martsikalis, Petros, V; Kotsanopoulos, Konstantinos, V; Palaiokostas, Christos; Gkafas, Georgios A.; Parlapani, Foteini F.; Boziaris, Ioannis S.; Exadactylos, Athanasios


In this review we propose the use of telomeric length (TL) as an authenticity marker that could provide an alternative method for differentiating fish and seafood samples or detecting fraud. Considering the ever-growing number of incidents of economically motivated fish and seafood adulteration using even more sophisticated methods to overcome current authenticity markers, the need to identify novel authenticity markers becomes essential. The TL of fish and seafood depends on individual characteristics (e.g., sex, age) and the environmental stimuli (e.g., temperature, water quality) to which these are exposed. Hence, both wild marine and freshwater populations occupying different geographical origin habitats might differ substantially because of the environmental cues affecting them. Moreover, the implementation of various rearing practices in aquaculture, such as different levels of fish and seafood density and increased ambient noise combined with site-specific environmental cues could affect TL, providing regulatory authorities with valuable information by distinguishing wild from reared populations and organic from conventional ones. In the present review the effects of both the environmental conditions and individual characteristics on the telomeric stability of fish and seafood telomeres are discussed, suggesting TL as a potential prospect authenticity marker that could be used to prevent fish and seafood adulteration.


Environmental conditions; fish characteristics; fraud; origin; telomeres; traceability

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Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
2023, Volym: 63, nummer: 33, sidor: 12625-12636