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Approval of Restraining and Killing Trap Models in Sweden, and Suggested Improvements Through Behavioural and Physiological Evaluation

Ågren, Erik O.; Lindsjö, Johan; Alm Bergvall, Ulrika; Fahlman, Åsa; Höglund, Odd; Norling, Therese Arvén; Kjellander, Petter


Trapping wildlife in Sweden is considered as hunting and is regulated by legislation from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Any trap model used to trap wildlife in Sweden must be approved according to Regulation NFS 2013:13. The basis of the evaluation is to ensure that both killing and restraining traps do not cause unnecessary suffering. Animal welfare, as well as handler safety, are considered. The test protocol also evaluates selectivity, and bycatch is one criterion that can lead to non-approval. Over 30 trap models have been evaluated since the Regulation was implemented in 2013. Over 150 models had been approved previously, without a protocol guided by legislation. Here we summarize our experience from some trap evaluations in the context of future improvements of the animal welfare aspects when testing traps with the present Regulation. We are concerned about the inability of killing traps to cause immediate unconsciousness so that approved trap types cause unnecessary suffering. The present assessment of restraining traps is based on evaluation of lesions noted at necropsy of trapped test animals. Also, the trapping event is to be video-recorded. We suggest that inclusion of requirements such as behavioural studies, measurements of physiological parameters, and more species-specific trapping protocols in the Regulations could improve the animal welfare assessment of traps. The 3Rs need more consideration. Re-evaluation of trap models approved prior to the present Regulation is required as the current standards are higher.

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Titel: Mammal Trapping : Wildlife Management, Animal Welfare & International Standards
ISBN: 978-0-9809598-2-6
Utgivare: Alpha Wildlife Publications