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Key Logistics Performance Indicators in Low-Income Countries: The Case of the Import–Export Chain in Ethiopia

Tadesse, Mahlet Demere; Kine, Helen Zewdie; Gebresenbet, Girma; Tavasszy, Lóránt; Ljungberg, David


Performance evaluation in logistics is crucial in identifying improvement opportunities. This study assessed performance indicators (PIs) for import–export logistics chains, including transport, dry ports, transhipment and warehouses, focusing on Ethiopia. PIs were identified by means of a literature review. An expert survey based on the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) was used to obtain weightings for the indicators to allow an evaluation of the overall performance of the country’s import–export chains. Key challenges faced in the sector were also identified. Indicators such as turnaround time and damage frequency were given high weightings by experts for dry port PIs, security was given the highest weighting for transport PIs, and order lead time was given the highest weighting for warehouse PIs. Technological advancements, human resource capacity building and government policies were found to be the main areas that could improve the performance of logistics operations and address the challenges faced by the sector. These findings could provide a new and comprehensive picture of the key performance indicators of Ethiopian import–export logistics chains.


performance indicators; logistics; low-income countries; dry ports; landlocked countries

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2022, Volym: 14, nummer: 19, artikelnummer: 12204