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Rapport, 2022

Building local capabilities in Guanajuato towards transparency of action in the case of climate change policy

Sainz-Santamaria, Jaime; Martinez Cruz, Adan; Macías, Jorge; Hernández, Raúl; Landero, Julio García


This report presents an instrument designed for the state of Guanajuato to collect information on the main climate related programs and courses of action at the state and municipal level, identifying staff capacities for policy formulation, policy implementation and climate change reporting. The first part of the instrument consists of a discrete choice experiment, which identifies local government’s priorities related to climate change projects. The second part collects information on the administration’s capacities and the status of key mitigation actions. The database that the instrument will generate, identifies the status of the main climate related programs and courses of action at the state and municipal level.

Finally, we present the design and proof-of-concept implementation of a two climate change policy dashboards (one public and one operative dashboard for policy formulation purposes), with the intention of presenting the information collected by the instrument in a policy-relevant way. The public dashboard tracks climate change-related programs at the municipality level, estimates mitigation potential in terms of additional Co2e, while the operative dashboard identifies the specific capacity-related needs to design interventions and the policy domains more promising to develop climate change programs.

Together, the data collection instrument and the dashboards will support the state government to estimate their contribution to mitigation targets and develop a system to collect and report the data, enhancing transparency climate change-related data at the state and municipality levels, improving the state’s capacity to generate comprehensive reports, and increasing the state’s capacity building and skills related to climate change public policy formulation and implementation.

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Utgivare: The Climate Group