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Development of a Life Long Learning concept for smart farming

Bernhardt, Heinz; Treiber, Maximilian; Paulus, Christina; Gronauer, Andreas; Mazzetto, Fabrizio; Mandler, Andreas; Herlin, Anders Henrik


Lifelong learning (LLL) is becoming increasingly important due to current technological and social changes. The continuous development is not only crucial for production processes, but also for the own qualification for up-and reskilling.

Since many providers are currently active in this area, we want to examine the opportunities for universities and the requirements of the target group. Based on a survey with 70 participants in Germany, Austria and South Tyrol, the demand for LLL courses in the field of smart farming was analyzed. It shows here a corresponding interest in offers at universities. In the second part of the study, the resulting teaching concepts were analyzed with regard to the experience of the users.

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Titel: 2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting


2022 ASABE Annual International Meeting, Texas, July 17-20, 2022

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