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Forskningsartikel2022Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Characterising the mechanics of cell–cell adhesion in plants

Atakhani, Asal; Bogdziewiez, Léa; Verger, Stephane


Cell–cell adhesion is a fundamental feature of multicellular organisms. To ensure multicellular integrity, adhesion needs to be tightly controlled and maintained. In plants, cell–cell adhesion remains poorly understood. Here, we argue that to be able to understand how cell–cell adhesion works in plants, we need to understand and quantitatively measure the mechanics behind it. We first introduce cell–cell adhesion in the context of multicellularity, briefly explain the notions of adhesion strength, work and energy and present the current knowledge concerning the mechanisms of cell–cell adhesion in plants. Because still relatively little is known in plants, we then turn to animals, but also algae, bacteria, yeast and fungi, and examine how adhesion works and how it can be quantitatively measured in these systems. From this, we explore how the mechanics of cell adhesion could be quantitatively characterised in plants, opening future perspectives for understanding plant multicellularity.

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Quantitative Plant Biology
2022, Volym: 3, artikelnummer: e2