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Forskningsartikel2022Vetenskapligt granskad

Så har blomsterlupin spridit sig i Mellansverige

Helldin, Jan Olof; Lennartsson, Tommy; Westin, Anna; Wissman, Jörgen


Garden lupin Lupinus polyphyllus is one of the most problematic invasive alien plant species in Sweden. It is particularly common in road verges where they may threaten biodiversity. We present the results from a study of the distribution of garden lupins in the road network in a 130 km2 area in south central Sweden, following a new census method intended to function as a standard for the Swedish Transport Administration. The complete road network in the area was censused (192 km), from highway to minor forest roads. Lupin stands were found in ~4 percent of major roads and ~2 percent of minor, private roads; yet most lupin stands were found in the minor roads because minor roads are more abundant. A majority of lupin stands (76%) were concentrated around houses with gardens, indicating gardens as the primary source for lupins in the area. The authors propose a strategy for lupin control depending on density: large, dense stands are contained, small stands are eradicated, only lupin free soil is used in road management and local actors are informed in order to prevent further spread.

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Svensk Botanisk Tidskrift
2022, Volym: 116, nummer: 2, sidor: 112-119