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Research article2023Peer reviewedOpen access

Determining levels of water-extractable and water-unextractable arabinoxylan in commercial Swedish wheat flours by a high-throughput method

Selga, Louise; Andersson, Annica A. M.; Moldin, Annelie; Andersson, Roger


A high-throughput method for quantification of water extractable arabinoxylan (WE-AX) and water unextractable arabinoxylan (WU-AX) was adapted for and evaluated on 197 commercial Swedish wheat flours, collected continuously during harvest years 2018 and 2019. In the method, starch was hydrolysed by alpha-amylase and WE-AX was precipitated with 80% ethanol. AX residues were quantified by gas chromatography after acid hydrolysis. The method had a good repeatability (2.1% RSDr for total AX). Spring wheat flour had a higher WE-AX content (0.68%) and lower WU-AX content (1.19%) than winter wheat flour (0.56% and 1.31%). The variation of total AX content was high for winter wheat flour (1.5-2.2%), with no correlation to ash or protein content. Total AX content differed significantly both between harvest years and locations, indicating an impact from environment on AX composition. Overall, the method enabled high-throughput analysis of wheat flour and can be further used to study how endogenous AX impacts baking quality.


Arabinoxylan; Wheat flour; Principal component analysis

Published in

Journal of Cereal Science
2023, Volume: 109, article number: 103608