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Doktorsavhandling2023Öppen tillgång

Climate-friendly rice - characterisation of rice varieties associated with low-methane emissions and improved bioenergy properties

Hu, Jia


Paddy rice cultivation contributes to global warming by emitting methane into the atmosphere. The aims of the work presented in this thesis were to breed climatefriendly rice varieties, to increase rice straw utilisation to reduce the impact of rice cultivation on the environment. The results showed that fumarate and ethanol were the two major exudate compounds from SUSIBA2-rice roots regulating methane emissions from SUSIBA2-rice paddies. A naturally occurring low-methane rice variety was identified and field testing demonstrated that it could be successfully grown in Uppsala, Sweden, opening up possibilities for expanding rice cultivation into high-latitude countries. Key candidate genes important in adaptation of rice to Scandinavian light and climate conditions were identified. By crossing a naturally occurring low-methane rice variety with four high-yielding elite varieties, four independent lines of low-methane rice with high yield potential were developed. Field trials demonstrated that methane emissions from the selected lines were reduced by 70%. Analysis of carbon allocation and molecular analyses of gene activities revealed that sugar transporters such as SUT and SWEET participated in allocation of carbon to aboveground tissues, contributing to the high yield and lowmethane properties. The results also indicated that increasing the lipid content in rice straw could increase its value in bioenergy production. Overall, this thesis shows that plant breeding can successfully address several pressing issues affecting sustainability in rice production by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing crop productivity and diversity, and improving bioenergy production from straw.


Methane emission; Rice yield; High latitude; Carbon allocation; Root exudates; Rice bioenergy; Sustainable agriculture

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Acta Universitatis Agriculturae Sueciae
2023, nummer: 2023:33ISBN: 978-91-8046-118-4, eISBN: 978-91-8046-119-1
Utgivare: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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    Förnyelsebar bioenergi
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