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Teaching, learning and assessment methods for sustainability education on the land–sea interface

Bryhn, Andreas; Belgrano, Andrea


The Land–Sea Interface (LSI) is where land and sea meet, not only in physical terms, but also with regards to a large variety of ecological and societal aspects. The United Nations has proclaimed the period 2021–2030 the Ocean Decade, which entails striving for a sustainable use of the ocean and teaching and learning about ocean related issues. Teaching and learning about the LSI are also tightly connected with several Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) such as Life Below Water, Zero Hunger and Sustainable Cities and Communities. Teaching and learning about sustainability lacks a uniform pedagogy, and it is probably wise to maintain that apparently adaptive diversity. In this globally relevant methods overview, we present a wide range of relatively new and/or successful and mostly largely learner-centered methods. We also discuss how effective and popular they are, and give examples on how most of these methods are already used in LSI sustainability teaching. There will probably not be any successful “one size fits all” model developing for LSI teaching and learning, and each module, course and programme will have to develop its own recipe for successful teaching and learning, possibly with support from one or several methods discussed in this paper.


Land–sea interface; Sustainability; Teaching and learning methods; Learner-centered

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