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Forskningsartikel - Refereegranskat, 2023

A concept for application of integrated digital technologies to enhance future smart agricultural systems

Gebresenbet, Girma; Bosona, Techane; Patterson, David; Persson, Henrik; Fischer, Benjamin M.C.; Mandaluniz, Nerea; Chirici, Gherardo; Zacepins, Aleksejs; Komasilovs, Vitalijs; Pitulac, Tudor; Nasirahmadi, Abozar


Future agricultural systems should increase productivity and sustainability of food production and supply. For this, integrated and efficient capture, management, sharing, and use of agricultural and environmental data from multiple sources is essential. However, there are challenges to understand and efficiently use different types of agricultural and environmental data from multiple sources, which differ in format and time interval. In this regard, the role of emerging technologies is considered to be significant for integrated data gathering, analyses and efficient use. In this study, a concept was developed to facilitate the full integration of digital technologies to enhance future smart and sustainable agricultural systems. The concept has been developed based on the results of a literature review and diverse experiences and expertise which enabled the identification of stat-of-the-art smart technologies, challenges and knowledge gaps. The features of the proposed solution include: data collection methodologies using smart digital tools; platforms for data handling and sharing; application of Artificial Intelligent for data integration and analysis; edge and cloud computing; application of Blockchain, decision support system; and a governance and data security system. The study identified the potential positive implications i.e. the implementation of the concept could increase data value, farm productivity, effectiveness in monitoring of farm operations and decision making, and provide innovative farm business models. The concept could contribute to an overall increase in the competitiveness, sustainability, and resilience of the agricultural sector as well as digital transformation in agriculture and rural areas. This study also provided future research direction in relation to the proposed concept. The results will benefit researchers, practitioners, developers of smart tools, and policy makers supporting the transition to smarter and more sustainable agriculture systems.


Smart agriculture; Artificial Intelligence; Internet of Things; Blockchain; Decision support system; Agricultural data integration; Data governance

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Smart agricultural technology
2023, Volym: 5, artikelnummer: 100255