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Research article - Peer-reviewed, 2023

Polysaccharide BAP1 of Bifidobacterium adolescentis CCDM 368 is a biologically active molecule with immunomodulatory properties

Pacyga-Prus, Katarzyna; Jakubczyk, Dominika; Sandstrom, Corine; Srutkova, Dagmar; Pyclik, Marcelina Joanna; Leszczynska, Katarzyna; Ciekot, Jaroskaw; Razim, Agnieszka; Schwarzer, Martin; Gorska, Sabina


Bifidobacteria are among the most common bacteria used for their probiotic properties and their impact on the maturation and function of the immune system has been well-described. Recently, scientific interest is shifting from live bacteria to defined bacteria-derived biologically active molecules. Their greatest advantage over probiotics is the defined structure and the effect independent of the viability status of the bacteria. Here, we aim to characterize Bifidobacterium adolescentis CCDM 368 surface antigens that include polysaccharides (PSs), lip-oteichoic acids (LTAs), and peptidoglycan (PG). Among them, Bad368.1 PS was observed to modulate OVA-induced cytokine production in cells isolated from OVA-sensitized mice by increasing the production of Th1-related IFN-gamma and inhibition of Th2-related IL-5 and IL-13 cytokines (in vitro). Moreover, Bad368.1 PS (BAP1) is efficiently engulfed and transferred between epithelial and dendritic cells. Therefore, we propose that the Bad368.1 PS (BAP1) can be used for the modulation of allergic diseases in humans. Structural studies revealed that Bad368.1 PS has an average molecular mass of approximately 9,99 x 106 Da and it consists of glucose, galactose, and rhamnose residues that are creating the following repeating unit: [-> 2)-beta-D-Glcp-(1 -> 3)-beta-L-Rhap-(1 -> 4)-beta-D-Glcp-(1 -> 3)-alpha-L-Rhap-(1 -> 4)-beta-D-Glcp-(1 -> 3)-alpha-D-Galp-(1 -> ]n


Allergy; Bifidobacterium; Polysaccharides; Surface antigens; Macromolecules

Published in

Carbohydrate Polymers
2023, Volume: 315, article number: 120980

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    Medical Biotechnology (with a focus on Cell Biology (including Stem Cell Biology), Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry or Biopharmacy)
    Immunology in the medical area

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