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Forskningsartikel2023Vetenskapligt granskadÖppen tillgång

Clinal variation in PHY (PAS domain) and CRY (CCT domain)-Signs of local adaptation to light quality in Norway spruce

Ranade, Sonali Sachin; Garcia-Gil, Maria Rosario


Detection of the genomic basis of local adaptation to environmental conditions is challenging in forest trees. Phytochromes (PHY) and cryptochromes (CRY) perceive the red (R)/far-red (FR) and blue light respectively, thus playing a fundamental role in regulating plant growth and development. PHYO and PHYP from conifers are the equivalents of PHYA/PHYC and PHYB in angiosperms, respectively. Norway spruce shows an adaptive latitudinal cline for shade (low R:FR or FR-enriched light) tolerance and requirement of FR light for its growth. We analyzed the exome capture data that included a uniquely large data set of 1654 Norway spruce trees sampled across many latitudes in Sweden to capture the natural clines for photoperiod and FR light exposure during the growth season. Statistically significant clinal variation was detected in allele and genotype frequencies of missense mutations in coding regions belonging to well-defined functional domains of PHYO (PAS-B), PHYP2 (PAS fold-2), CRY1 (CCT1) and CRY2 (CCT2) that strongly correlates with the latitudinal gradient in response to variable light quality in Norway spruce. The missense SNP in PHYO resulting in Asn835Ser, displayed the steepest cline among all other polymorphisms. We propose that these variations in the photoreceptors represent signs of local adaptation to light quality.


cline; cryptochrome; missense mutation; photoreceptor; phytochrome; polymorphism; SNP

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Plant Cell & Environment
2023, Volym: 46, nummer: 8, sidor: 2391-2400
Utgivare: WILEY